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The Formula Everyone Should Know to Get Results!

You want things to be different. You’re unhappy with your life. Is your health suffering? Would you like to quit smoking? Exercise more?  Eat better? Are you having some trouble in your relationships. Have you found your soul mate? Having trouble with your boss or co-workers? Is your bank account Read More→

Are You Getting Results, and Can I Help?


I have been hiding. I didn’t admit I was hiding. In the last few weeks I realized that if I walked down the street and asked anyone I met, I would be lucky to have one in ten people know how Accelerated Success Consulting could help them. It might even Read More→

Obstacles or Opportunies?

How many times in life do we see things as obstacles when they might be opportunities?

The other day I had an appointment with a potential client. When I got to his office, I found out that he wasn’t there and apparently forgot our appointment.  Was I disappointed?  Absolutely!  Did Read More→