Reflections of Purpose

a woman on purpose

I’m updating my website which has lead to me doing some reflection about what it is I really want to do, and who I want to be, with Accelerated Success Consulting. I realize I veered off course for a while now and the results show it. The last few days have been a very humbling experience and I’m ready to move on. For those of you interested in my journey or would like to know more about what happens when the almighty dollar is your first priority, read on.

As Mike Dooley, of TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) would say, “I was too focused on the cursed how’s.” With the goal of trying to truly define my market, I started with who would I most want to help, and finished with the “who can pay for that?” which took me off course. I convinced myself I could help the people who would value my services – OK, total honesty – those who could pay. I dove in further and further into trying to match what I truly want to do into chasing the money.

The results I got prove the point about what happens when you chase money without being true to yourself. When I was helping those who I was drawn to help, prosperity flowed. When I settled on a market only based on perceived value=money, prosperity left. I was not doing what I teach – “live your purpose with passion.”

To be totally transparent, I started to feel like a fraud. Part of that was my inner critic telling me I wasn’t successful so how could I teach others about my success. My inner coach tells me I am very successful and have helped a lot of people. I have come a long way and accomplished great things. There are improvements to be made.

I veered off course and believed that my end result would come from helping businesses become successful.  That is where I went wrong.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  What I do and how I help can have an impact on the success of any business.   My purpose is different than the bottom line.  Which doesn’t make it wrong.  I tried to blend the two and what happened is I became the biggest fraud – to myself.

My life purpose is to use my creativity and intuition to help others intentionally create  a life of peace, hope, joy and love.  My intention from now on is to use The Success Principles® and The Passion Test ™, along with some other cool tools like Opposite Strengths ™, to help people get clarity on their life’s path/purpose,  increase their confidence, and fill their deepest desires to live their best life and make a difference in this world.  This can happen in the business world, and outside of it.  I give up my attachment to where and how that will happen.

I had already decided that I needed to get back on course.  And then the proof came.  I was meeting with a client a couple of days ago and we were reviewing the changes in her life over the past 7 months.  We went back and looked at the initial questionnaire about what she wanted to change, and the scores she gave to living her 5 passions.  Everything had improved.  to tell the truth, I was a little fearful to do this review because I was afraid  there wouldn’t have been as much improvement as she wanted.  We were both very pleased with the results.

They say the proof is in the pudding and there it was, staring me straight in the face:  I make a difference.  I am good at it. My passion was to help her improve her life in the areas she chose and focused on.  It wasn’t all about the bottom line.  It was about her larger purpose and the steps she is taking to live it.

I will take my pat on the back for guiding her and introducing her to other people, knowledge and strategies.  In the end, it was her dedication, persistence and focus on her purpose, her end result, that led to the changes she is making, and joy she is feeling.

That is what I am here to do.  I love helping people succeed and reach a level of success they never dreamed possible.  That is how I help. The look in their eyes tells me when I’m on course and living my purpose. That is where the value is, and prosperity follows.

With this renewed sense of focus I am excited to lead others to believe in themselves and that they can have whatever they desire, at the Achieve Success Accelerator workshop Oct. 23  -25.   This workshop is perfect for you if you have a yearning deep inside that says life can be better, more fulfilling and you want to have a bigger impact with whatever you love to do. You want to make a difference.  Click here for more information.

Please be patient while this website is being redesigned – it will be awesome and truly reflect my purpose and passion.

May you find peace, hope, and joy in every day.


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