Are You Getting Results, and Can I Help?


I have been hiding. I didn’t admit I was hiding. In the last few weeks I realized that if I walked down the street and asked anyone I met, I would be lucky to have one in ten people know how Accelerated Success Consulting could help them. It might even take one in twenty, or thirty. A technique I’ve learned is to ask myself, “What am I pretending to not know?”  If you sit for a few minutes asking that question, you are bound to come up with a few answers. With my business, I was pretending to not know that others had no clue what my business was about, or how I can help them. It’s no wonder the phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook.

What I do makes a difference. I share valuable skills, information and have a knack of asking just the right question to get someone unstuck and see new possibilities.

But really, who cares about me, or what’s inside my brain? What does all this mean for you? I can’t cover everything in one blog post. Read on to see if this might be you, and if you might be ready to change your life.

If you want to know what you were thinking of a year ago, look at your life right now.  Your life, at this very moment, is a direct reflection of your thoughts over the last year. Is this were you want to be?  Have you achieved what you have wanted to achieve in the last year?  Maybe you’ve given up.  You think it’s time to compromise or give in.  That wonderful life is for anyone but you. Those are your thoughts, and so becomes your life.

You dread going to work. You just can’t seem to get that next sale or promotion.  Your relationships at work are barely tolerable and everyone seems to get ahead but you. Perhaps you are a business owner or manager who is frustrated because employee morale is nearing an all time low.

What would have to happen for you to get closer to your dreams and goals in a year? What if it really was possible?

This is where I can help. Let me guide you to transform your life from the results you are getting, to the results you deeply desire. What would it be like a year from now if you:

  • Have a crystal clear vision
for your ultimate business or personal success
and the “perfect lifestyle” you’d like
to be living
  • Uncover hidden challenges
that may be sabotaging the
growth of your business and 
keeping you working too
many hours
  • Feel renewed,
re-energized, and inspired to
turn your business into a 
highly profitable, revenue-generating machine

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True transformation.  You don’t have to know how it will all come together. You just need to take the next step.  Next time we’ll talk about taking “your next right step.”

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