Obstacles or Opportunies?

How many times in life do we see things as obstacles when they might be opportunities?

The other day I had an appointment with a potential client. When I got to his office, I found out that he wasn’t there and apparently forgot our appointment.  Was I disappointed?  Absolutely!  Did I let it wreck my day?  Absolutely not!

It was my first meeting with him and I was excited to hear what is happening in his department and see if there was a way I might be able to help him with some of his challenges.  I had spent a few minutes writing down some key questions to ask him so I could better understand his needs. I wanted to be a bit prepared!

So, with no potential client to see, I left my card with the receptionist and she said she’d let him know I was in to see him.  I walked out to my car and the first thought was “this, or something better!”.  I truly believed I was given a gift and I may not know what it was, but I believe it would be something better than that meeting was supposed to be.

So what did I do?  I had some last minute errands come up so I could take the time to do them without feeling hurried and rushed. I was able to get some really important things off my “to-do” list.  I now have more time to plan for the meeting with the potential client – maybe there is something more I should learn before going to see him.

What do you see in your life – obstacles or opportunities?  Life is never perfect and if you can be prepared to look for opportunities when the unexpected happens we are more likely to find gifts and experience success. Opportunities are often disguised and if we keep an open mind we will create the space for those opportunities to come into our life.  It’s all about the end result – not “the how”.

Keep your eyes and ears open and when something seems to go wrong ask yourself “what is the opportunity here?”   You may just find yourself on the path to something better!

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