Coach Lorna

You Want Results. Find out How a Coach can Help.

Are You Ready?

What do you want to change? Career? Health? Relationships?

Are you going through, or have gone through, a business or  life transition? 

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your business or life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact me now for your free,

30 minute, no obligation coaching session. 

Lorna works with those who are ready to transform their lives have more joy and live with passion. She is a trainer, self-development coach, author and speaker who has worked with individuals and facilitated groups for over twenty years. Her personal philosophy is to have a positive outlook on life with a focus on solutions, not problems.  She firmly believes that with the right information, attitude, focus and a belief in yourself you can achieve your highest goals.
Lorna’s  goal when working with you is to help and support you to make changes and transform your life or your business, or both. When Lorna first started working with clients, 2 sessions a month didn’t provide the level and quality of support she wanted to give. In some ways it held the client back from achieving some of their goals.  She wants to see you succeed and get results for your hard work. Being a successful coach means providing you with a lot of support to learn new information and create new success habits. Even those who are deeply committed and dedicated to their success can get bogged down “when life happens” and would benefit from working with a coach.  This coaching program is exactly what you need because you will get full support  that starts the minute you start the program, support while you focus on your goals, start to implement changes, see results, and celebration when you have achieved those “out of reach” goals.

Individual Coaching 

Individual coaching sessions are offered as a 6 month package.  Change takes time.  Over a 6 month period you will create a firm foundation for creating the results in your life.  This program is designed for you if you are committed to making permanent change in your life and/or business.  Sessions can be held in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom.

This is what you can expect when you choose to take 100% responsibility for your life and commit to this coaching process:
For 6 Months we will meet for 45 minutes, 3 times per month. There are an additional 2 bonus sessions that can be scheduled anytime within the 6 months coaching program. 
  • Exercises and activities will be provided after each session to help expand and deepen learning new knowledge and to help process and increase the impact of new skills.
  •  Additional support is provided by email or phone/Skype/Zoom is provided in between sessions.
  •   Fees:  One payment of $2200 plus GST    or take advantage of the payment plan: two payments of $1175 plus GST OR 3 payments of $800 plus GST.

Money Back Guarantee for the 6 Month Coaching Package:

30 days – full refund (no questions asked) minus the value of any sessions attended (at regular session rate of  $130/session)

90 days – If you have fully participated in the coaching program by attending a minimum of 3 sessions per month and completing assignments, and you are not satisfied that you have achieved results related to the sessions, you will receive a full refund, minus the value of any sessions attended (at regular session rate of $130/session.)

 If you are wanting to change what you are getting in your life, contact me now.