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Oct 08

E + R = O – The Formula to Change Your Life

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You want things to be different. You’re unhappy with your life. Do you want a different job?  Start a business?

Is your health suffering? Would you like to quit smoking? Exercise more?  Eat better? Are you having some trouble in your relationships. Have you found your soul mate? Having trouble with your boss or co-workers? Is your bank account balance stressing you out? Do you feel like you just want to throw your arms in the air and scream “I quit!”?

It’s time your next right step! You can have a different life.  Yes, there is a catch. You must take responsibility for your life.

This next right step is simple.  It’s not easy. When you take 100% responsibility for your life, you must give up all excuses, blaming and complaining. We often want to blame others for what happens to us. We give excuses. And boy can we complain.   When you complain, it means that you think there is a better way or a better option to what you are complaining about.

If you don’t think this is hard, try it for one day.  No blaming. No complaining and no excuses. Keep track.

There is a helpful formula I first learned from Jack Canfield, and it is Success Principle #1 in the book,The Success Principlesby Jack Canfield.

E + R = O


We can’t control the events in our life.   Most of us think we can’t control the outcomes, either.  Here is a golden nugget of information for you – we can control the outcome by controlling our response to the event.

You can decide what will be your response in any situation.  This is the self-talk I had one day when I was sitting on my deck, trying to get some work done.  See if you can identify the event, my choice of responses, and what outcomes I might get.

Me: What is that constant, annoying noise? Did I forget to turn off the water hose?

Me: Get a little closer – you might be able to figure it out.

I get up and check. It is the pump for the kiddie pool in the yard next door.

Me: That is really annoying. Do they really need the pump on all the time? The kids haven’t been in the pool for days! Don’t they know how annoying that sound is? I think I’ll put on Facebook how annoyed I am.

Me: Oh, “no whining, no complaining.” If you want to complain, you must think there’s a better solution. What would that be?

Me: I could go ask them to turn it off. I could play music while I’m on the deck and the pump is on. I could go in the house.

Me: The computer battery needs charging and you wanted to do some housecleaning today.

Me: For now, I ‘ll go in the house.

Next time you don’t like the outcome you are getting, take a look at how you are responding to the event.  What are some things you could do differently so that you get the outcome you want?

Til next time, Dream Big, Live Now!