Widows Rising
Virtual Retreat

Friday September 13th,  7 - 10 pm,  and Saturday, September 14th  11 am - 5 pm ET

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    After being widowed, going through the transition by yourself is hard. It's lonely. And that creates an unhealthy environment.
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    It can be difficult to find understanding from family and friends of what it's like, and why you can't just "get over it." 
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    If only there was a place to go where someone understood what it was really like being alone, wondering what to do next, and struggling to find not only a new life...struggling to find a new identity. 

Hi, I'm Lona Scott and I've been a widow for over 8 years.  I'm the founder of the Soul of a Widow, Healing and Wholeness Facebook Group.  

Retreat Details

There are times when it seems the loss of your spouse doesn't get any easier. What does make it easier is being supported by a group of women who have been through the very same thing.  You've experienced that as a member of the Soul of a Widow Facebook group.  

There is a sense of comfort that is created when you're surrounded by those who understand on a deep level the things you're experiencing (and about to experience).  And because of that, you're able to transition to finding your "new normal" much faster.

The Widows Rising Virtual Retreat will help you transition into the next chapter. You aren't alone. You'll join other women who know exactly what you are going through.  You'll have great conversations and gain insights into some of your pain, struggles and what that means for your future.  

Widows Rising Retreat 

Join the online event (there may or may not be a little party along the way!) and "meet" your Facebook group friends Face to Face.  There will be time to laugh, time to ponder, and time For Informal conversations. 

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    Friday Evening, Welcome and Introductions:  The first session helps you unwind from the life you’ve left back home, so you will be inspired to take the first steps into getting clarity of who you really are and what you want.  It includes an informal conversation time so we can get to know each other a little bit more.
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    Saturday Morning, Outing the Obstacles:  Overcome your biggest challenges and hidden roadblocks that are standing in the way of you living a fulfilling life. Discover opportunities you didn't know were possible.
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    Saturday Afternoon, Discovering Purpose and Passion,  Discovering Purpose and Passion
    Gain more clarity and discover or reconnect with what is deeply important to you and what
    you want to achieve in your life.

This is time for you! Make new connections, new friends, and be surrounded by women who deeply understand what you've gone through. 


  EARLY BIRD DEADLINE AUG. 28rd 11:59 pm PT  $97  USD              

   August 29 - Sept. 7th  $147 USD

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